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  • Dario Cuci

    Project: Portfolio website, blog
    Year: 2011 Link:
    Concept: Luca Banchelli & Martin Menzel
    Design: Luca Banchelli
    Programming: Martin Menzel

  • Dario Cuci

    Task: Develop a brand website for Dario Cuci, presentation of his current fashion consultant projects
    Approach: Less web elements & more elegance

  • Dario Cuci – Website

    Creation: A one-page website for the portfolio and a blog.

  • Dario Cuci – One Page

    Dario Cuci’s fashion photos are elegant, grotesque and sexy.
    The website was therefore designed with the right atmosphere and amount of space in mind.

  • Dario Cuci – Blog

    Dario’s blog combines two things: Dario’s knowledge of current trends and better usability on the web. Since early 2011, his blog has been reporting on fashion photography and fashion scenes. Dario Cuci is now listed in first place in Google’s search results.


  • Pep Gay

    Project: Personal Website
    Year: 2009
    Status: offline
    Conzeption & Design: Oriol Bedia
    Programming: Oriol Bedia

  • Pep Gay

    Task: To create a visually attractive website that defines Pep Gay’s work into the Fashion Make Up business.
    Approach: Reach new limits in terms of webdesign in order to impress and surprise any kind of target group.

  • Pep Gay

    The challenge of designing a website for such a creative Make-Up artist was obviously something to be considered in a first glance. Nevertheless the project itself was also a chance to create a visual experience based in a colorful color scheme and elegant lay-out.

  • Pep Gay

    The main idea was to focus all attention into the photos of the artist under a minimalistic kind of design. After all, this project received all kinds of recognition among web-awards as well as some web design books, magazines and design blogs.

  • Paseo Marketing

    Project: Portfolio website, blog
    Year: 2010 Link:
    Design: Paseo Marketing
    Programming: Martin Menzel

  • Paseo Marketing

    Task: Relaunch the Paseo website
    Challenge: Implement the design template and develop a blog layout
    Approach: HTML5 for typography, two separate content management systems for the site and the blog – MODx and WordPress

  • Paseo Marketing

    Paseo Marketing – ModX CMS Search engine optimization is Paseo’s core competence. The first choice of editorial system was therefore ModX.

    The website should look modern and elegant, but still be highly optimized for search engines.

  • Paseo Marketing

    Paseo not only twitters, but also reports on current affairs in the field of SEO. We created the design for the blog and integrated it into the Paseo website.

  • Betapitch 2011

    Project: Relaunch Year: 2011
    Design: Thomas Weyres
    Programming: Martin Menzel

  • Betapitch 2011

    Task: Relaunch the website for 2011
    Challenge: Harmonize illustration, typography and CMS
    Approach: Independent content blocks

  • Betapitch 2011 – Dynamik

    The idea behind the betapitch should presented as simply and clearly as possible. At the same time, the details of the start-up program needed ample space. The solution lay in content blocks. Each topic can be illustrated in a single content block.

  • Betapitch 2011 – Analog

    The betapitch was created in a highly digital environment.
    Thomas Weyres consciously added a contrast with illustrations.
    The betapitch is open to any kind of start-up.


  • Xmade in Italy

    Project: iPhone website for XMade in Italy
    Year: 2010
    Concept: Martin Menzel
    Design: Aimone Bonucci
    Programming: Martin Menzel

  • Xmade in Italy @iPhone

    Task: iPhone-optimized edition of Xmade in Italy microsite
    Challenge: Translate the magazine’s luxury character to the iPhone
    Approach: 3D animations matched to the brand personality, presentation of the magazine with excerpts from articles

  • Xmade in Italy – Print & 3D

    45° inclinations are characteristic of the design of Xmade in Italy. That’s why they had to be part of the iPhone edition too. We deliberately broke with the conventions of typical iPhone websites and twisted body text and menus by an angle of 45°.

    With 3D rotations we adapted the navigation to fit the size constrictions of the iPhone in a one-page layout.


  • Rifiutometro / Trashometer

    Project: iPhone app & microsite
    Year: 2010 Status: offline
    Design and concept: Aimone Bonucci
    Programming app: Olaf Menzel
    Programming web: Martin Menzel

  • Rifiutometro / Trashometer

    Task: In a playful manner, teach users how to sort waste properly for recycling.
    Approach: Adaptation of the original Rifiutometro concept for the iPhone


  • Rifiutometro / Trashometer

    The Trashometer works a bit like a gaming machine and explains which items belong in which recycling box – almost in passing by. The concept was implemented as an iPhone app and as a mobile website.